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BMW S 1000 XR – a cross of sport and adventure

When BMW put the new S 1000 RR out on the streets as a thoroughbred sports bike, we immediately realised the Bavarians wanted to use this concept to develop a new segment. We actually anticipated the S 1000 R three years before its appearance with our S 1000 PIRANHA and MadMax. Nevertheless, the XR did come as a bit of a surprise.

The XR is a successful, torque-optimised blend of the four-cylinder power pack of the RR with elements of the R 1200 GS and just a dash of Roadster. It is, like the whole new model range, practically a revolution: Gone are the days when BMW tried to be different from everyone else. They've rethought things: The company's new street models have a telescoping fork, operable blinker switches, and a design that appeals to customer tastes.

Scoffers may maintain the XR is just Bavarian for Multistrada, but this has to do with the concept. It has already been available on the market in a variety of forms - not only from Ducati. We think BMW should be allowed to join in a trend now and then, too. They succeeded this time, in an impressive manner! In our experience, The S 1000 XR offers exactly the kind of riding fun its appearance promises. We're excited!

Of course, we bought an XR for ourselves and custom-designed attractive, smart accessories for the bike. We upgraded the bike with a larger windscreen, flaps, a handlebar riser, mirror extensions, and a rear wheel fairing, as well as our Extenda fender, to treat riders to significantly more touring comfort. Riders who want a sportier feel should buy the Remus Hypercone for a rich sound, and we offer a variety of crash bars and pads for extra safety. The radiator cover and various fairings add extra protection. Last but not least, of course, we worked with our partner Wilbers to develop a snappy chassis for the XR that can even top the good handling the sporty adventure bike already offers.
Stay tuned! Our developers are currently working hard on many additional components. We’ll report back when they're done ...


Other interesting products for your S 1000 XR::

“Elephant” tank bag series
"Vario-ERGO 3D” additional spoiler
"Flaps” wind guards
Mirror extension
Radiator cover
Oil cooler guard
Rear splash guard "Extenda Fender"
Front splash guard "Extenda Fender"
Hand protector extensions
Side stand extensions
Remus Hypercone exhaust system

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A few images of the S 1000 XR:

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