Wunderlich “ERGO” handlebar riser for models without a BMW sat nav - silver

Wunderlich “ERGO” handlebar riser for models without a BMW sat nav - silver

Part No. 25803-001
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A huge boost in riding comfort in every respect and improved handling. The F 750 GS feels even lighter and more agile. A barely visible modification that has a massive impact!

The facts:
  • 20 mm height increase
  • Better handling and a more direct riding experience
  • Relaxed, upright sitting position
  • Now possible to ride standing up when off-road = More fatigue-free riding and better control
  • No changes required to the vehicle
  • Individually milled from high-strength aluminium (no casting!)
  • Anodised in silver
  • Quick and easy assembly without any further modifications
  • Complete with screw set
  • With German Type approval
  • 5-year warranty

Note: For vehicles with the original sat nav holder, you need the handlebar riser 25803-101.

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Great quality barriser
14 March 2019
Fitting is easy, quality product.No change needed for any cables, wires etc.Very happy with the improved riding position
Beware there is a left and right fitting
1 November 2018
Although they look the same there is a left and right riser, if you put them the wrong way they don't clamp correctly! So double check they fit as they should.
Once on and fitted corrctly they are fine and for me give a better riding position, however I have had the standard seat altered, this is now 35mm higher for the rider so I did need these to re balance.
However even with the standard comfort seat I did find the ridng position to be better.
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