Handlebar riser R 1200/1250 RT LC - silver

Handlebar riser R 1200/1250 RT LC - silver

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This handlebar riser provides a more relaxed and more upright seating position. It represents a massive win for rider comfort and ensures better handling. The handlebar rises 40 mm and can also be adjusted in it's angle. An innovative feature for the RT - it doesn't get more individual!

The components are milled from high-quality aluminium.

The facts:

  • 40 mm height increase
  • Individual angle adjustment
  • More direct riding feel
  • Relaxed, upright, seating position
  • Protection of entire musculoskeletal system
  • Individually milled from high-strength Dural aluminium
  • Made in Germany
  • Delivery includes complete attachment kit Pressing tool for the original handlebar and ABE
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15 May 2020
vast improvement to ride, stressful item to fit
29 May 2019
Once fitted (4 hrs) the end result was ergonomically great! The new, more upright riding position is great in relieving stress and the bike feels more responsive to handling.
The change in bar height has compromised my rear-view mirrors due to my new arm position but I will probably learn to position myself to compensate.
Major downside was the lack of information regarding the disassembly of the original control sets. A very difficult time was had trying to locate and remove the securing screws and covers in order to strip the control sets from the bars. Very frustrating but like most things, a learning process! If I was to do the job all over again I would undo/remove the screws that secure the controls onto the bars and rotate the control sets a little to enable access to the other screws that hold the switch housings together.
8 out of 10 for the product with maybe 3 out of 10 for the instructions.
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