Wunderlich Rider seat lowering kit - black

Wunderlich Rider seat lowering kit - black

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Little trick - big effect! Simply swapping the original rubber grommets for this loweringkit makes the rider’s seat at the front drop by 10 mm. Those 10 mm often make the decisive feel good factor of the BMW. Simply swap in one easy move and you can remove it again just as fast.

The facts:

  • High-quality, extremely resistant hard rubber material
  • 100% perfect fit and secure seat
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Seat lowered by 10mm
  • Suitable for many models (please observe vehicle allocation)
  • Made in Germany
  • 5 year warranty
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Great product great price great site
By Davy, posted on 21 March 2019
For such a small price and such a big improvement a must for us short legend riders to make the xr experience even better
Fits perfect, fast and easy setup!
By Laci, posted on 12 January 2019
Ideal modification for shorter riders. Shipping to hungary was about 5 days
Seat lowering
By Adamjohn , posted on 19 December 2018
As said in previous reviews, drops seat an additional 1cm. Task completed in minutes and no tools required.....superb.
Simple way to lower seat slightly
By kevinleigh uk, posted on 16 December 2018
My bike is already lowered with a lower seat, but using these bungs just lowered it a bit more. The difference is slight but noticeable. They are easy to fit. I didn't find myself sliding forward against the tank either. For the cost it is a cheap way to lower the seat a little more.
Well worth a try
By Kev, posted on 16 December 2018
The original fittings are easy to replace with Wunderlich's eccentric hole versions on the High/Low plate though you should obviously ensure the main body of the rubber fitting is pointing downwards. A small rotating adjustment in situ may be necessary before press down on the metal plate to engage fully and safely.
A little care should also be taken to engage the plastic half-cup fitting on the underside of the front seat around the replaced rubber bush when putting the seat back using the turned bike key of course to press simultaneously forward and down. Double check that the seat on each side has clicked fully home.
As others have said, the seat ends up slightly sloping towards the fuel tank but you get used to this quickly and it's a small price to pay for the extra 10mm gained. It'll be interesting to see whether long-term, an off-set hole with less rubber to the outside edge may be prone to fatigue and splitting but perhaps we should just treat these as consumable items.
Finally, bear in mind that while you are not going to convert say a tip-toes stance to a flat-footing position, every little helps!
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