Wunderlich brake clutch »VARIOLEVER« - black

Wunderlich brake clutch »VARIOLEVER« - black

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Revolutionary in terms of ergonomics, handling and exclusivity:

We have developed brake and clutch levers that can be optimally adjusted in length and width to best serve your individual needs.Simply unfasten the lever locking screw, and adjust the length according to your personal requirements. With the XR, for example, you’ll want more precise dosing with less hand force, i.e. reduced length.

The VarioLever also allows you to brake with just two or three fingers, without clenching the remaining fingers. This also applies to the clutch hand.Of course, it’s possible to brake with all four fingers again when the lever is fully extended.

A further novelty is the width adjustability, which can now be adjusted while the vehicle is moving - a feature that is of considerable importance when there is an erratic pressure point (e.g. in racing or heavy-duty usage).This is achieved by means of a large pivoting mechanism, which is easy to use, even when wearing thick gloves.

The extraordinarily delicate construction is also extremely resilient:Even with a fully extended lever, loads of more
than 60 kilos(!) can be transmitted without difficulty at the outermost contact point.

High-strength aluminium (AL 7075 T6) which is the material of choice in the aerospace industry. Anodised. ABEcertified, registration is not required.

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