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Hugger - carbon

Part No. 32170-001
Price: €289.00
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This is a best-seller, and it’s no wonder: It provides complete, unparalleled protection for the shock absorber,
which normally takes some pretty rough treatment, the battery, exhaust, including header pipe, and the undersection of the rear frame.

Damp and dirt can no longer penetratefreely deep into the works. This is a must for anyone who loves his bike– and riding with pillion passengers - and wants to protect its systems as best he can. There is a smooth, sinuous transition from the intricate mounting to the high-quality carbon-fibre protector itself, giving rise to a homogeneous and sporty unit which tips the scales at a mere 320 grams.

Extremely light and strong carbon fibre/Kevlar hybrid material with a glossy rigid plastic protective coating that penetrates into the material and guarantees optimum protection.

Quick, easy and safe fitting. ABE approved.

Customer Reviews

Excellent fit, suberb finish! Review by K1300S
Too bad you can't add a picture to the review as this would show how well this carbon rear wheel cover fits on the K1300s. The quality of the carbon is perfect and more then matches the carbon on the end of the Akrapovic and that of the protectors on the brake and shift pedals.
Installation manual indicates that the exhaust and rear wheel have to be taken of, however, with the rear wheel on a paddock stand you can rotate the wheel to have access to the torq screws needed and with the right tools this is a 5 minute job. Advantage of leaving the wheel in place is that you can directly see the (perfect) alignment.
Drove the bike for a good testrun after installing and the hugger does it's work very well. The underside / rear stays clean and dry. By the looks of it even a 200 wide tire should fit :)
Lot of money, but it does look mighty good. (Posted on 19/09/2017)

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