Indicator GS-flash Front with adapter

Indicator GS-flash Front with adapter

Part No. 28500-000
Price: €24.90
Incl. 19% VAT, Excl. shipping

The object of purchase may not include potentially shown accessory parts.

A suitable replacement for the extremely breakable original indicators! These subtle, bright specimens have a flexible and sturdy mount that can survive the occasional knock. The indicator stems are narrower than the original, making snagging less probable.

Overall, the GS becomes more dynamic and sporty. For a perfect conversion we deliver the front indicator complete with adapters that tightly hold the indicator in position. The indicators can be attached either way round (right and left are the same).

Indicators delivered complete with adapter (front), fastening screw and bulbs.

E-rated – TÜV registration not necessary. Each piece sold individually.

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