KENT Quick metal repair
  • KENT Quick metal repair

KENT Quick metal repair

Part No. 24580-000
Price: €34.90
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A two-part repair compound, designed for repairs in minutes. The quick way to repair valve covers that have snapped through or other metal components.

The facts:

  • Saves time - hardens in less than 10 minutes, reaches full strength within 1 hour.
  • Simple to use - cut off and knead required amount of product.
  • Hardens under water - e.g. a defective radiator does not have to be emptied first.
  • Does not shrink.
  • High resistance to temperature and chemicals.

Hardens in only 10 minutes and is then ready for drilling, filing, sanding or thread grinding.
Also for repairing, binding, protecting and stabilizing almost all basic materials, such as steel, cast iron, aluminium, stainless steel, glass, wood and ceramics.

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