Krauser Journey Topcase 52 litres volume - black-silver

Krauser Journey Topcase 52 litres volume - black-silver

Part No. 35270-003
Price: €229.00
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The object of purchase may not include potentially shown accessory parts.

If you need yet more volume, then the new TC52 will delight you with its modern design and rear and side reflectors. 52 litres volume.

The facts:

  • One-lock system (one lock used to open and remove the box).
  • Plastic can be painted.
  • Absolutely watertight.
  • Opens to an angle of precisely 90°.
  • Reinforced edges.
  • Cases/top cases will stand safely when placed on the ground.
  • Fit all Hepco & Becker and Krauser Journey top case carriers.
  • Claw locks with protected barrel locks.
  • 52 litre contents.
  • Optional bag liner.
  • No TÜV requirement (no registration etc. required).

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