LED indicator - white

LED indicator - white

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The same applies to these white indicators too: LED efficiency is unbeatable. Not only the low energy consumption but more importantly the resistance to vibrations gives it a great advantage on the motorbike. The reliability and good visibility are extremely important especially for the indicator and hazard lights. LEDs immediately illuminate with beaming white light and with zero time delay. The inconspicuous white indicators integrate perfectly into the wide cover of the RT and their discreetness gives it a significantly more harmonious feel.

The white LEDs come with an e-test mark as indicator and stand light and are TÜV and registration-free. They can simply be swapped for the original indicators with no great effort.

The facts:

  • Vibration-resistant
  • Significantly longer bulb duration
  • Illumination without time delay
  • Bright, clearly visible white light
  • Registration-free
  • Easy mounting
  • E-certified as indicator and stand light

Image shows product in smoky grey

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