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The ideal protection for the ParaLever final drive!

This clever protection bar attaches to the bottom of the final drive housing and effectively protects the final drive and ParaLever pivot from damage, should the asphalt come closer than desired.

The LeverGuard prevents damage to the aluminum housing and in extreme cases, it can even prevent leakage caused by damage to the radial seal.

The LeverGuard costs only a fraction of what repairs would add up to if this part of your bike were to be damaged. Installation is easy and it requires absolutely no changes or modifications to the motorcycle. The LeverGuard will leave no trace of ever having been installed and it can be seamlessly removed at any time.A CNC Machined clamping piece permits this easy and sturdy attachment.

In contrast to other crash pads available, the LeverGuard elegantly follows the inherent lines of the ParaLever and becomes an unobtrusive and discreet accent. Form and function of the LeverGuard differ however: The part is very strong and effective at absorbing energy due to its hybrid construction of an elastic steel core and thick polymer coating.

The LeverGuard provides added protection both on road and off road and even in extreme lean angles, it will not reduce cornering clearance.

Fits all R1200 models with Paralever (not R1200 C / CL) and HP2 Enduro.

*Not compatible with the original BMW final drive protector of the Megamoto.

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Customer Reviews

A "must have" product Review by Schwarzkopf
A high build quality, easy to install metal rod, specifically crafted to match the curves of the drive shaft assembly. I bought this product 2 years ago, and still using it on my ADVs. It does not look ugly on the bike, and to the fall of the bike where the boxer head or protection hits the ground, it protects the shaft, gets the beating and the pounding. Since it doesn't let the shaft assembly touch the ground it does its job perfectly as long as your bike is not flat completely with wheels not touching the ground. You can of course go for carbon shaft covers but if these get scratched, it is hard to make them look good again, however with this product having some glossy black spray paint would do the job. I highly recommend this to any GS and ADV owner regardless of how they ride. (Posted on 07/05/2017)
good product, market price ok, nice to look Review by jojje
the best produkt to save the drive shaft, and even beautiful to look at. (Posted on 10/07/2013)

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