Lifting handle - silver

Lifting handle - silver

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Lifting your Super Ténéré onto the center stand can be a chore, especially when the bike is fully loaded. The Wunderlich center stand lifting handle makes this task much easier. The hinged handle installs with an allen wrench and stays securely in place.

Pull the handle out to lift the bike onto the stand and tuck it away when it is not needed. An internal spring loaded detent keeps the lever in either the up or down position. Silver anodized finish closely matches other silver parts of the bike.
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Customer Reviews

Silver Lift Handle Review by Mark Wolfe
This little addition makes a world of difference. I used to be able to simply lean back while holding the center stand down and my MCs would rise up. But, things are different now and after two back surgeries this accessory makes life much easier. Fit, finish and installation are top rate and it is almost invisible on the MC, but once you see it, it looks good.HINT: Apply the nut to the new longer bolt by removing the seat. Its tough to get it started without doing this.One general comment I would make though regarding the instructions I received with this and the handlebar risers. The directions are good but they never reference the Super Tenere, always the beemers. Your products and instructions are good but we should be able to reference our own MC model name. (Posted on 08/05/2012)

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