Lithium ion battery with battery status display

Lithium ion battery with battery status display

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Hinweis zur Batterieentsorgung und zum Batteriepfand

For those who want the most modern technology and also want to spare some of the weight, it can be made light-weight quickly. This lithium ion battery for the boxer weighs only 1200 grams, and is also clearly smaller than the original (width / depth / height: 150 / 87 / 105-164 mm) and can be installed in each location because it contains no acid. Lithium ion batteries can endure not only quick charging with a particularly high charging current (up to 90% charge in only six minutes), they also hold the charge for a very long time. The self-discharge is a maximum of five percent per month. Even the relatively high purchase price of these batteries pays you back in the long-term. With the six-fold number of possible charging cycles in comparison with the simple lead-acid batteries, the JMT high-tech battery has an extremely long life span. What’s more, the uniform charging status of all cells is ensured by an installed processor (“balancer”). The battery is equipped with one or more distance pieces (spacers), which are attached under the battery so that the battery exactly fits in the battery box.

The facts:
  • approximately 1/3 of the weight of comparable lead-acid batteries
  • Can be installed in any position, because it contains no acid
  • Contains no heavy metals
  • Uniform condition of all cells thanks to a “balancer”
  • Unproblematic quick charging
  • Small self-discharge
  • Up to six times the lifespan of lead-acid batteries
  • Quick, simple replacement
  • no memory effect
  • rechargeable using on-board socket
  • with charge status display
  • 12 Volt & 6 Ah
  • Cold testing current 360 A

Caution while charging!
In no case should charging devices be used for these lithium ion batteries that attempt to desulfate low batteries under 10 volts with a current of more than 14.9 volts before beginning with the actual charging. The maximum charging voltage of 14.9 volts may not be exceeded in any case. There is a risk of explosion!

Battery deposit law:

We are legally obligated to collect a battery deposit in the amount of 7.50 Euros. A refund of this deposit will be made after our office has received a used starter battery. The old battery can unfortunately not be sent for purchases by mail; if we receive a deposit fee from a recognized return site, we will naturally refund the deposit.

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