Lower footrests ERGO Comfort - silver

Lower footrests ERGO Comfort - silver

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Relief for the knees, joints and feet. The trousers no longer fold in the hollow of the knee, pressure is taken off the joints and the feet can find a comfortable position on the broad supporting surface. This can be made even more pleasant with the optional rubber inserts. This set enables the feet to migrate up to 25 mm lower down, creating a relaxed and comfortable sitting position.

Finished from high-strength lightweight aluminium, the footrest stands up to all possible strains. As the rests do not slip outwards, the freedom to incline is retained despite the effective lowering of 25 mm. Having the clutch and brake levers within easy reach makes riding a real pleasure.

TÜV approved, complete set for left and right.

The facts:

  • 25 mm (1’’) lower than the original footrests.
  • Wide, comfortable and secure foot support.
  • Ergonomic and relaxed knee angle.
  • Soft, vibration-reduction rubber rest (optional)
  • Touring pleasure without fatigue.
  • Easier to ride standing up when off-road riding.
  • Complete set with installation kit.
  • 5 year guarantee
  • ABE approved.
  • Suitable for vehicles from year 2006

Fitting wide rubber inserts can be ordered under item No.: 25920-000.

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Customer Reviews

Not worth the money! Review by Johan Steenwyk
I ordered this lowering kit last summer. Due tone postal strike in Canada in did not receive these foot pegs before my trip to Alaska. I am a tall guy so I tought these foot pegs would be more comfortable in standing and sitting. I installed the foot pegs and found them lower but also narroweras. They actually hurt my feet more while standing. So I the ordered the rubber inserts to see if this would help. Well about $300 later my lowering kit back to same height as my original pegs and due to the narrower width still unfortable. So I am changing back to my original pegs and have to tell Wundelich that this product was a waist of my $300. (Posted on 29/01/2012)

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