MFW mirror stem - 150mm - silver
  • MFW mirror stem

MFW mirror stem - 150mm - silver

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Perfect, CNC-crafted mirror stem for the special something of your BMW. Complex made from high quality this stem dwarfs the original stem.

Which mirrors for which BMWfl

In most cases, the aluminium mirror with the short 100 mm stem is closest to the standard mirror. Although the mirror stem is somewhat shorter than the original, the mirror body itself is wider and thus provides a better rear view. Anyone who feels they don’t get enough of a view of the traffic behind them from the standard parts should opt for a 125 mm mirror stem or even a 150 mm long stem.


  • Every mirror assembly needs to have 1 mirror body, 1 stem and 1 vehicle related fitting adapter. Part numbers are for a single part only!
  • Before ordering, please measure the length of your mirror stem to make sure you order the correct stem length.


Complete Indulgence
By Don Clark, posted on 15 November 2012
Right off - no one needs this mirror/stem combo on their bike. Having said that, Man does not live by needs alone. Indulging a want every once in a while can add a lot of joy to your life. And since having a motorcycle, especially a BMW, sort of defines the concept of wants over needs, this mirror system is a perfect addition. The installation is simple, just make certain to order the correct mounting bolts for your particular bike. If you can take the old mirror off, then you can put this one on. The parts themselves are absolutely gorgeous. I went with the 150mm silver stem and mirror, that being what would look best on my bike. The longer stem allowed me to take a pass on a mirror extender. These babies stick out a lot all on their own. They are, simply, the best mirror you will ever see on a bike. They look custom made. The stem is billet aluminum; in my case, silver, and absolutely perfect. Once installed, they became the thing that everyone who approached the bike looked at first. The attachment of the mirror to the stem is very robust and allows for a wide range of adjustment. The mirror has a slight tint to it. The tint works to minimize glare from vehicles behind you. The special bevel of the mirror offers a somewhat expanded view to the sides. Different, but I quickly got used to it and like it a lot now. All in all, I've got nothing but praise for these items. I'd like to get all nit-picky and find something, anything, to complain about, but I can't. They're expensive and not really necessary, but boy, are they cool.
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