Odyssey + Optimate Guarantee Pack PC 680 with Optimate 4 DUAL
  • Odyssey + Optimate Guarantee Pack PC 680 with Optimate 4 DUAL

Odyssey + Optimate Guarantee Pack PC 680 with Optimate 4 DUAL

Part No. 41280-100
Price: €239.00
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The object of purchase may not include potentially shown accessory parts.

An outstanding battery works best with an outstanding charger. That's why we're giving you a 5-year guarantee on both components when you buy the battery and charger!

Pack consists of:

  • Odyseey Pure Lead Battery PC 680 item no.: 36980-000.
  • Optimate 4 DUAL Charger CanBus Edition item: 20190-000.

The facts about the Odyseey Pure Lead Battery PC 680:

  • More than double the start capacity of a conventional battery.
  • No ABS outage due to low battery performance.
  • Incredibly durable (according to EUROBAT definition 10 years and longer).
  • Low self discharge so no maintenance required for longer standing times (winter, etc.).
  • Damage due to deep discharge impossible.
  • Completely maintenance-free.
  • Leak-proof (even laid out, etc.) and gas-proof (no ventilation hose required).
  • Electrolyte is firmly bound in a fleece layer.
  • Acid level check no longer required.
  • Unlike with conventional batteries, charging does not lead to formation of condensation.
  • The matching charger allows a quick charge (to 90% of the battery capacity) within one hour.
  • Robust ABS housing.
  • Fully filled unit.
  • Dimensions: LxWxH 184.7 mm x 79.0 mm x 191.8 mm.
  • Weight. 7.0 kg

The facts about the Optimate 4 DUAL Charger CanBus Edition:

  • Weatherproof housing.
  • Integrated fastening clips.
  • CAN-Bus edition with matching plug for the on-board socket.
  • Pre-set for direct use: no settings change required.
  • Input current max. 0.095 A at 230 V.
  • Output current 0.8 A up to 14.3 V voltage.
  • Desulphation.
  • Automatic battery test on connection.
  • Up to four-fold extension of the battery's lifespan.

*Please consider the vehicle allocation carefully.

Battery deposit law:

Retail distributors are legally obligated to collect a battery deposit in the amount of 7.50 Euros. A refund of this deposit will be made after our office has received a used starter battery. The old battery can unfortunately not be sent for purchases by mail (mail security regulations); if we receive a deposit fee from a recognized return site, we will naturally refund the deposit.

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