Odyssey pure lead battery PC 680 Powerpak
  • Odyssey pure lead battery PC 680 Powerpak

Odyssey pure lead battery PC 680 Powerpak

Part No. 36980-000
Price: €177.40
Incl. €7.50 Refund
Incl. 19% VAT, Excl. shipping

The object of purchase may not include potentially shown accessory parts.

Hinweis zur Batterieentsorgung und zum Batteriepfand
This battery is the solution for non starting BMW bikes. The extremely strong starting power ensures that the Boxer will start even in very cold weather. Amazing starting power + extremely long life (can last 8-10 years if treated correctly) + vibration proof. Will hold the charge for months when not in use (needs to be fully charged beforehand) and is totally maintenance free. The special pure lead “Dry” technology made this battery spill-proof, weather proof and reliable.

PC680 “Powerpak”:

Same size as original but with 280 amp. (!) starting power, 680 (!!) peak starting current, (conventional 20Ah battery has only 120 A and a very good “Gel” battery about 170 A).

Size: 6,2 Kg, 185x79x169 mm

The battery is sold ready to go (no initial charging needed).

Battery Deposit Regulation:

We are legally obliged to charge a battery deposit of 7.50 euros (in Germany). The deposit is refunded when you return a used starter battery to our business premises. If you buy by mail order, the used battery cannot, unfortunately, be sent back; if you submit a deposit token from a recognised collection point, we will, of course, refund your deposit.

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