Odysseys pur lead battery PowerPack

Odysseys pur lead battery PowerPack

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Hinweis zur Batterieentsorgung und zum Batteriepfand
Trying to persuade a BMW to start up without enough juice is virtually hopeless. We were tired of the constant and not inexpensive replacement of batteries. Several years ago we recognised the advantages of the Odyssey batteries as pioneers, as proved by their numerous test successes. This technology was originally developed for NASA, is designed for very high loads and has now proved itself in millions of applications (alternative energy production, electronic concepts with high loads, etc.). During the nine years of tests there was not one breakdown (cold, etc.) and the battery even withstood permanently high loads without any difficulty - even lying on its side. We therefore recommend it as an essential upgrade that will soon pay for itself. The simple comparison of AH batteries is inappropriate, as the high cold starting power is much more important.

The facts:

  • More than twice as high a starting performance as a conventional battery.
  • No ABS failure because of too little battery power.
  • Extremely resilient (according to the EUROBAT definition, lasts 10 years or longer).
  • Low self-discharge and thus no need for maintenance if the bike is not used for a longer period (winter, etc.).
  • No damage from deep discharge possible.
  • Completely maintenance-free.
  • Leak-tight (even on its side, etc.) and gas-tight (no ventilation pipe required).
  • Absorbed electrolyte type battery, meaning that there is no free acid inside the battery; all of the acid is kept absorbed in the
    glass mat separators
  • No more need to check the acid level.
  • Unlike conventional batteries, no hydrogen is created during charging.
  • With the appropriate charger, quick charging (to 90% of the battery’s capacity) is possible in under an hour.
  • Robust ABS case.
  • Unit comes ready filled.

Odyssey PowerPack:

Massive peak starting power of 535 A which is 2-3 times more than a conventional battery, and 15 Ah (original = 13 Ah) to ensure long lasting power is available. The battery is sold “ready to go” (no initial charging needed), complete with a Wunderlich fitting kit.
Weight: 5.2 kg, Dimensions: W/D/H: 167 mm / 98 mm / 155 mm.

Battery Deposit Regulation:

We are legally obliged to charge a battery deposit of 7.50 euros (in Germany). The deposit is refunded when you return a used starter battery to our business premises. If you buy by mail order, the used battery cannot, unfortunately, be sent back; if you submit a deposit token from a recognised collection point, we will, of course, refund your deposit.

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