Oil cooler grill - silver
  • Oil cooler grill

Oil cooler grill - silver

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The oil cooler is positioned in exactly the place required by air flow, although a consequence of this is that it very quickly becomes clogged up: Stone chips, dead flies and other detritus accumulate in its fine ribbing.

Cleaning it is very difficult and requires a lot of manual work. The fine-mesh stainless steel cooler protection grille provides effective protection for the cooler and ensures optimal long-term cooling air flow. As a normal grille is very difficult to attach behind the original kidney, we have developed a complete add-on surround that can simply be fixed over the original.

Just apply the included self-adhesive strip and fix the mask in place with one quick movement. The surround is thermoformed out of very robust, solidcoloured ABS plastic. Titanium silver with an extremely robust clear plastic coating that enhances the depth effect and protects the colour.

The facts:

  • Optimum protection for the cooler, successfully combined with style.
  • Safely protects the cooler from stone chips and fly squash etc.
  • Easy to fit.
  • Durable construction.
  • Silver anodised mesh.
  • Solid titanium silver-coloured ABS plastic with a clear plastic protective coating.
  • Ready to fit – does not need painting etc.
  • No technical registration required.
  • Made in Germany.
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Expensive, but nice product
26 October 2012
This item mounts easily using velcro type tape, and looks good on the RT.
RTs should come with this from the factory!
23 August 2012
This is a great solution for protecting the oil cooler on your RT. Quality production, finish matches the matte silver on the bike and looks like original equipment. Very easy install and great fit, actually snapped into place on the intake of the bike, ultimately held on by 3M adhesive strips. Very elegant design. Highly recommended
Great Product
13 August 2012
I am very happy with this product. It took less than 5 minutes to install, looks great, and is functional.
Small price to pay to protect your oil cooler
16 July 2012
Fitting couldn't be easier,looks great and the engine temp hasn't changed one bit.Got to be cheap insurance if it stops a rock or anything going through the fins of the cooler.
Looks like a oem part!
13 January 2012
Easy install and looks great. Painted it black, looks better with my polar metallic paint. Highly recommend.
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