Oil temp gauge - large

Oil temp gauge - large

Part No. 37370-020
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This precision temperature gauge replaces the original oil filler plug. To keep the needle steady the instrument is filled with a damping fluid. Accurate reading. The outer ring provides a solid grip and makes installation and removal easy. Two versions are available, 275 mm or 285 mm length (measured without the thread). Please check your original before ordering.

Tip: The dipstick is supplied without max / min level markings. With your original dipstick, set your oil level to the maximum level. Insert the temp gauge dipstick and mark the level. The best way to do this is by scoring a line with the edge of a file. Compare the temp gauge with the original and score the Minimum marking line at the appropriate distance.

Customer Reviews

Beemer oil temp dipstick Review by Dick Hambridge
This is an excellent and well-made product. It lets you know when the oil is heating up in traffic and when you need to get the bike moving. In addition, it looks very nice and adds to the appearance of the motor. (Posted on 06/06/2011)

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