OptiMate USB connection

OptiMate USB connection

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OptiMate cables and accessories are cable systems and solutions that are specially developed to your needs on a motorbike. The OptiMate cable system is a brilliant push-fit system that allows you to feed power to almost any consumer. Whether in the tank bag, for connecting USB consumers or even for battery monitoring. The plugs, sockets and couplings are also compact, water-tight and highly resilient.

OptiMate mini USB adapter with battery stick and diagnosis.

The facts:

  • Slim charging adapter for all USB consumers
  • Battery stick: USB switches itself off 3 hours after the turning off of the motors or when the charging condition of the vehicle battery is less than 50%
  • Battery diagnosis: 3 LEDs show the charging condition of the vehicle battery for 5 seconds (when no USB consumer is inserted)
  • 5V/2400mA Output power: Thus suitable for all power-hungry consumers, such as larger smartphones
  • Waterproof USB socket: USB socket is sealed as soon as it is inserted
  • Direct coupling to the OptiMate cable system
  • Tight cap for USB socket
  • Short circuit, overheating, surge protection

Ordering information: The system has multiple parts in most instances. For example, in order to be able to connect the cigarette connection socket (item no.: 45010-500) to the DIN socket, you'll also need the matching DIN lead (item no.: 45010-600). But then what's great is the free combination of all leads/adapters.

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