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Powered by Techlusion * Only for sports use!

A brilliant invention by the father of electronic tuning for injection engines and a perfect optimisation instrument,
enabling you easily to adjust the power development of your BMW yourself. Rich gains in performance and torque, smooth running and spontaneity of throttle response like you’ve never known are all guaranteed.

The facts:

  • Increased torque and performance across the whole RPM range (ca. 12% improvement in performance across the active ride range from 3000 to 7000/min).
  • More spontaneous throttle response.
  • Faster high-revving (12% faster than the original)
  • Perfect, pre-set factory tuning.
  • Easy to set performance across the whole RPM range.
  • Adaptation to all conversions (blue air filter, exhaust systems etc.) and conditions takes less time.
  • Quick reset to the factory setting.
  • Impossible to make damaging adjustments or to use wrongly.
  • Simple jack connection to wiring loom.
  • No need to make changes to the motronics or wiring loom etc.
  • Special “Wunderlich-Edition” for the European market.
  • Completely waterproof and sturdy overall construction.
  • Extremely small housing (84 x 50 x 10 mm).
  • Comes complete with fitting kit and instructions.
  • 60 day right of return

The factory setting (with series-production silencer, accumulator, header and air filter) already offers a hike
in performance and torque and a perceptible boost to running (revs up significantly more softly and regularly).

In combination with the Blue filter and/or sports silencer the PerformanceController is the key to optimum efficiency. Comes ready to fit.

Please click here for downloading the user´s manual

Warning: The Techlusion Performance should not be used in combination with any other chip tuning.

Only for sports use!

Demo: Here you will find a short Demo of the function of the Performance Controller.
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Customer Reviews

Great tuning mod Review by Richard
I have bought 3 Performance Controllers from Wunderlich over the years. They are easy fit and easy to adjust. I emailed Wunderlich to assist with the tuning tweaks as I have full headers on the bike. They responded and gave good advice. The difference to the bike is very noticeable from tick over. All jerkiness has gone and the bike pulls hard from tick over and then gives a massive rush from 6,000rpm on. I recommend this modification to anyone. (Posted on 18/12/2014)
Performance enhanced Review by Gus El-Moussa
This was very easy to install and to tune as per instructions. Recognizable response on all gears and power boost even without sport headers and exhaust. Will tweak further as I ride more. Overall a great product and simple to use even for the most basic bike enthusiast. (Posted on 24/06/2012)

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