PowerSportego top yoke

PowerSportego top yoke

Part No. 31140-000
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We have developed a thoroughbred, individually adjustable racing top yoke exclusively for the new K models. The yoke reveals some technical innovations that have never been seen in this form:

The facts:

  • Integrated brake and clutch lines connections - the original lines need not be replaced for longer ones or re-routed and do not obstruct/chafe the instruments. This eliminates the need for extra workshop and materials costs.
  • Quick and easy conversion: Replace the yoke, attach the controls to the new handlebar, fit the original brake lines, bleed, and you‘re ready to go. Our tip: ABS vehicles should only be bled by a BMW dealer).
  • Up to 30 mm adjustment range for perfect ergonomics.
  • Mount for tapered handlebars (29 mm diameter):
    Guaranteed maximum stability for further enhanced steering precision and an optimum absorption of forces (impacts/vibrations).
  • Individually adjustable handlebar stops which can be adapted to all screens etc.
  • Rubber lock stop tip prevents damage to frame.
  • Strong aluminium (AL 7075 T6), the preferred type for aerospace
  • Intricately machined on several planes.
  • Extremely warp-resistant: Before the yoke has buckled by even one millimetre even a tapered handlebar will have bent by 10 centimetres!
  • TÜV approved.
  • Made in Germany.

In cooperation with our designer we have created a captivating, technically superior total construction which not
only suits the look of the K to perfection but also makes complete sense from an ergonomic point of view and
thus guarantees optimum riding enjoyment. Complete with hydraulic lines, handlebar mounts and adjustable steering stop.

With TÜV certificate.

K 1200 R / Sport: Please order the longer throttle cable 31150-000 additionally.K 1300 R: Please order the longer throttle cable 31160-000 additionally.Please note that the original brake & clutch levers might touch the mirrors - to solve the problem, please order our VarioLevers 25750-005 & 25760-005 .

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End of pain Review by Slate Williams
Iv'e had 3 major back surgeries, 2 of which are fusions,both elbows,wrist,knees: 10 orthopedic surgeries to date.I love sport bikes but can,t be bent over for very long. I can only ride my Ducati Monster for about an hour.With this bar set up I can ride my K1200s all day, and have been on multiple day trips with no pain whatsoever.I'm 54 and recommend this setup for anybody who cannot be in the traditional sport bike position for very long.GO RIDE ALL DAY!! (Posted on 28/09/2012)

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