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Protection bars - chromed

Protection bars - chromed

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In order to realise the dream of combining perfect protection and design innovation we have developed an all-round protection system of our very own conception. A technical masterpiece that drove our technicians and the manufacturer to the brink of a nervous breakdown.

The protection bar hugs the fairing and curves rakishly away under the cylinders to the rear. We have continued the curvy lines of the fairing (over the cylinders) down underneath. There the bars are mounted on a massive bracket that is secured under the lower fairing. So the RT protection bar in effect has six mounting points!

We believe this to be a real hit whose elaborate construction keeps the RT safe from harm. Along with the
cylinders and header pipes the protection bars create a harmonious line and are perfectly integrated into the
overall look.

All mounting points are selected to withstand tensile forces and pressure. In the case of a crash the leverage forces are distributed across all mounting points. The central mount ensures the even distribution of forces and acts as a fulcrum that can if need be include all the other mounting points evenly in the absorption of the forces.

As was the case with our first protection bar project on the 1150 GS, this successor design has also met with
worldwide acclaim. According to the relevant Internet forums, this counts as one of the best protection bars around. No TÜV requirement (no registration etc. required).

The facts: 

  • Even spread of load
  • Protects cylinder and side fairings
  • Protection to oil sump and oil filter
  • Strong mounting points
  • Routine maintenance work can be carried out without removal
  • Precision bent steel tubes
  • Cornering clearance not affected
  • High-gloss chrome plating.
  • Detailed, easy-to-read instructions.
  • Made in Germany.
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