REMUS sport exhaust header system - stainless steel

REMUS sport exhaust header system - stainless steel

Part No. 34890-000
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If you truly want to save weight and achieve an optimum performance curve, you can go far with the header system:

The facts:

  • Performance gain nearly over the entire rpm range and much higher peak performance (a performance enhancement of up to 14 0HP and 10 Nm can be achieved with a free-flowing sport exhaust system plus the PerformanceController).
  • Low weight as it has no catalytic converter or balance pipe.
  • Strong sound (approx. 5 dB(A) more).
  • Optimised pipe routing.
  • With provision to bolt the oxygen sensor in (no modifications of vehicle).
  • Easy to install.
  • Extremely strong system from satin-finish V4A stainless steel.
  • Matched to original and Wunderlich silencers, but other aftermarket silencers fit as well.

Complete with fitting material. Without TÜV.

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