Rider footrest lowering ERGO - silver

Rider footrest lowering ERGO - silver

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For many riders, even short-distance rides on the RS can be a torment:
Their legs are too bent, and the material of their trousers gets pinched in the crook of the knee.
This footrest lowering set makes it possible to adopt an ergonomically favourable rider posture and
a yet lower centre of gravity. Say goodbye to cramped legs and hello to a fresh sense of oneness with the vehicle with a maximum degree of long-distance comfort.
The footrests are both lowered and repositioned slightly to the front. Fitting does not require any changes to the original bracket. ABE approved.
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Customer Reviews

foot peg lowering kit Review by Lone Crow
I considered this quite a while before actually purchasing it. I considered other vendors, but I liked the small items that came with this kit. It installed easily and quickly. The problems with brake and gear levers were easily adjusted and lowered to work nicely with the lower pegs. I had to cut off some of the threads to allow the right adjustment to the gear lever. Only issue would be that the pegs do extend out a bit which feels weird at first. As I am not a speed jocky in the corners, I don't worry about the pegs hitting the ground.Overall, great purchase and glad I made the plunge with "W". (Posted on 25/02/2013)
Good kit for comfort riding Review by Khoirul Huda
This lowering kit make my riding more comfort, easy to install and good quality product (Posted on 05/12/2012)
Good fit Review by Pete
Folks over 6' will find this a welcome addition to their R1150r. The change in leg position is well-thought-out. Easy installation and good directions. (Posted on 16/05/2012)
footpeg lowering kit. Review by Bruce
Great for comfort. I'm tall and they make the r1150r fit me better. Great quality and fit. Easy to install. (Posted on 29/01/2012)

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