Rider footrest lowering Sport Ergo - silver

Rider footrest lowering Sport Ergo - silver

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For many S riders, even short-distance rides can be a torment: Their legs are too bent, and the material of their trousers gets pinched in the crook of the knee, blood flow is impaired, and pain is the inevitable result.

The facts:

  • Radically relaxed sitting position.
  • Ergonomically perfect knee angle with better lever operability.
  • Optimum foot to footrest contact: Original footrests are lowered and set at the optimum angle.
  • Hardly visible lowering with minimal extension to the side.
  • Maximum banking clearance.
  • CNC machined.

What arises is the pleasant feeling of being at one with the bike, and cornering the S becomes much easier.
The one-piece compound construction is equal to every load and far exceeds all standards of sturdiness. Original footrests can still be used.

R 1100 S
Variable, two-step lowering. Lowering options of 13 or 40 mm. ABE approved.

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Great service Review by Goat
Great kit from wunderlich has made my bike much more comfortable to ride
Very high quality components (Posted on 25/09/2017)

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