RR oil temperature gauge

RR oil temperature gauge

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The practical display of current oil temperature. RR oil temperature displays are absolutely protected from vibration by their Teflon bearings. You will only come to appreciate this instrument once you’ve tried it out: it collects actual values, leading to a healthier warm-up phase or even to the prevention of engine damage - all instantly available without the stress of extra installation.

At the same time it’s of crucial importance to know that coolant and oil temperature is not the same thing. Made in Germany.
The “Tourenfahrer” magazine test results: “very good” accuracy, “worth every penny”. And to avoid the problem of needle vibration, the instrument is filled with glycerine (an integrated air pocket looks after pressure compensation).

Customer Reviews

You know when your oil is hot! Review by Ira Chavis
I had one of these on my 2009 G650GS single, so i was excited to add one to my 2010 F650GS. Function is simple...you know when your engine is warmed up and what is operating temp is. This is especially helpful before doing oil changes as you know when the bike is at operating temp. Although you can see the gauge while your ride by looking down, i would not recommend doing this :) Only minor nit about Oil Dipstick with temp gauge is that they have no oil level marks so you need to line it up next to your OEM dip stick transferring the min/max/middle lines and then using a Dremel tool or edge of file. Then an extra step to rough up the area around the marks so the oil sticks to the level markers. Seems like a bike specific version would be good! But aside from that, its a great addition to ones motorcycle. (Posted on 27/07/2011)

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