RR Oil temperature gauge 50 mm ø - black
  • RR Oil temperature gauge 50 mm ø

RR Oil temperature gauge 50 mm ø - black

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The practical gauge for the current oil temperature. RR oil temperature gauges are completely protected against vibration by their Teflon bearings and will outlive many a motorcycle. You will really appreciate this instrument once you have tried it: values can be read quickly and without any installation stress, which can lead to a healthier warm-up phase or even to avoiding engine damage. It is important to note here that the temperature of the cooling water is strikingly different from that of the engine oil - it’s good to know both! From the Tourenfahrer magazine test results: very good” accuracy, worth every penny.

To keep the needle steady the instrument is filled with a glycerine damping fluid, the air bubble is to allow heat expansion. Practical innovation for GS + Dakar: with the integrated dipstick, the oil level can be measured considerably more easily and safely. Simply replaces the original. Complete with seal.

Customer Reviews

Nice replacement cap! Review by Justin Friedman
This temp guage works great! I was taking pretty short commutes and not getting my engine up to optimum operating temperature. That was causing a little water build up in my oil tank. Now I can keep an eye on the temp guage and I know cruising that extra mile will get my temp up and it will be very interesting to keep an eye on it during the hot summer. The numbers are easily visible and it's Wunderlich so you know it's quality workmanship. (Posted on 27/04/2011)

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