Screen safe Vario

Screen safe Vario

Part No. 25520-100
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A strong and robust replacement for the original plastic centre screen mounts. With these machined aluminium brackets the screen is now connected strongly to the metal bracket, which also reduces the side to side movement of the screen. Additionally, a 20 mm (~13/16“) slot has been added, allowing the gap between the screen and instruments to be adjusted. This helps the rider to find the best setting for the air flow from the inside of the screen to equalize the negative pressure and reduce turbulence and buffeting. It also increases the overall adjustment range of the screen. Both sides are connected with a threaded rod, allowing them to be adjusted so that no side clearance to the metal bracket is present. The adjustment of a slight side pressure on the metal bracket makes sure that the screen cannot move sideways any more and the rattling and vibrating is reduced. The overall stability of the screen is greatly enhanced compared to the loosely fitting original plastic brackets.

Made of precision machined aluminium alloy. Sold as a complete set, and fits the original and aftermarket screens.

Note: This part is already included when buying our ERGO Screen “Marathon”

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Customer Reviews

screen tippy back-a-bit things Review by david
meh.... not as impressive as some other Wunderlich pieces on my GS (Posted on 25/01/2013)
Works well when installed but.... Review by Marcelo
Although the installation seems easy I had hard time while trying to fit them right in place. After a couple attempts the 2 thing rubber rings broke down and I had to wrap a thin piece of duck tape to holding them in place. Working nice so far after the home-made fixing. (Posted on 07/11/2011)
Clean Air Review by Brian G. Martin
Was looking for just that little bit of adjustment in my windscreen (Givi Airflow) to be able to tilt the screen back toward the cockpit and these did the trick. Combined with the BMW "wings" these and the Givi make for excellent chest and arm protection and clean air for the head. Very satisfied with these expensive little buggers. Well engineered, fit perfectly. (Posted on 11/04/2011)

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