Side stand enlarger

Side stand enlarger

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Life insurance for the BMW: The tiny foot that comes with the original side stand means that your motorcycle will sink into hot tar and any other surface that is less than 100% solid with alarming ease – if this happens it can quickly get very expensive.

This precisely machined extension plate, which can easily be bolted to the existing side stand, eliminates the effects of this design fault once and for all.

The facts:

  • Safe support for the machine on all surfaces.
  • Compensates for the leaning angle of the motorcycle.
  • Surface area increased by more than 100%.
  • 8 mm thick Dural aluminium.
  • Rustproof anodised black.
  • Rust protection for the original stand plate.
  • Cut-out for original foot lined with vibration-absorbing foam rubber.
  • CNC machined
  • Easy to fit.
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Customer Reviews

Easy Install that Works Review by 3Moons
The Wunderlich extended foot arrived quickly, and, other than going to this site to watch the video to see the proper placement of my R1220R side stand within the extended foot, everything went very smoothly. This was after I had bought (and returned) an extended foot from another vendor that did not fit properly. I have checked the Wunderlich foot several times and it is still very tight. I did use the blue thread material when installing the screws. The extended foot does not hit the center stand or exhaust when raised. Very satisfied! (Posted on 21/04/2013)
side stand enlarger Review by austin
Product works well.. provides a bigger landing pad and also a bigger target when putting the kick stand down in your boots (Posted on 07/04/2013)
One of my first purchases with every bike Review by Jim G
I get one of these for every bike I've owned. The extra footprint is reassuring. A bit pricey but worth saving a tip-over. (Posted on 04/11/2012)
Good Product Review by James Mellard
Easy to install. priced right. Does a great job..I like like it.. (Posted on 07/07/2012)
Outstanding Product! Review by John Sarmento
Great fit and finish, easy to install, and it's already saved my bacon twice! (Posted on 20/05/2012)
Wouldn't live without it. Review by Chuck Costa
Must have for anyone riding in hot weather climates. Added security gives piece of mind. (Posted on 15/07/2011)
Cheap insurance for your bike! Review by Jeff Murray
I live in the San Joaquin Valley where the temps reach 105+ in the summer. That translates into soft asphalt which is no match for a narrow kick stand foot. I have often had my stand sink into the hot asphault intil now. The side stand enlager provides a wide platform that adds much needed stability to the bike on hot days. It is well machined to provide a good fit and is easy to install. It is worthy investment. (Posted on 19/05/2011)

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