Splash guard

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Protection of the swing arm and shock has fallen victim to the design red pencil. The effect is that water and dirt can freely penetrate into the works, with consequences that are costly and time-intensive to repair.

This splash guard protects the shock, which is severely enough tested in use anyway, along with shock mounts, swing arm, collector pipes and rear of the gearbox. The amount of water whipped up onto the pillion passenger’s feet/lower legs is permanently reduced. Seamless transition from the swing arm’s intricately
constructed retaining fixture to high-quality protection in the form of fibre-reinforced ABS plastic. Easy and
secure mounting.

The facts:

  • Effective protection from whipped-up water and dirt.
  • Sturdy and custom-fit construction.
  • Easy and secure fitting.
  • Made in Germany.
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Customer Reviews

A Must Have Review by Bill
A high quality product that I received quickly and in perfect condition. I like the protection this product offers from the grime, mud and dirt on the rear suspension and associated components. An easy upgrade and big difference from stock! (Posted on 09/04/2013)
Must product to keep things clean Review by Hory Aycardo
Absolutely necessary product especially if you go offroad. Installation wasn't that easy as many parts had to be disassembled to get this in. Bolts are about 2mm short. I rate installation to be a 2 (on a scale of 1 to 5, 1 being easy and 5 being difficult). (Posted on 25/08/2012)
As advertised Review by Dan Webster
A little tricky getting this on (grommets), but once installed, has made a HUGE difference in keeping things clean and free of build-up. I do a lot of greasy logging roads, and have found this splash guard to be an absolute necessity. (Posted on 11/06/2011)

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