Sport ERGO + footrest lowering kit - silver

Sport ERGO + footrest lowering kit - silver

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For many RS/GT riders, even short-distance rides can be a torment: Their legs are too bent, and the material of their trousers gets pinched in the crook of the knee, blood flow is impaired, and pain is the inevitable result.

The facts:

  • Significantly more relaxed sitting position.
  • Ergonomically perfect knee angle with better operability of the foot levers.
  • Original footrests are lowered and set at the optimum angle.
  • Rider footrests have two extra adjustment settings.
  • Unobtrusive conversion with minimal extension to the side.
  • Maximum cornering clearance.
  • CNC machined.
  • TÜV or ABE approved.

What arises is the feeling of being at one with the bike, and cornering becomes much easier. We have adapted the contours precisely to match those of the footrest mount, and the low lateral displacement yields the very highest level of cornering clearance. There’s no need to alter the original holder, no loss of function, and the BMW-system panniers can be used as freely as before. To ensure a secure contact, the surface of the footrest
is always at the correct angle to the boot. Easy to fit. TÜV approved.

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Customer Reviews

Vario Footpeg Lowering Kit Review by Walter Eschmann
Excellent fit and finish..... Accomplished the relaxation of my knees as needed. I had planned on selling the bike after this season, but have changed my mind as the ergo's are now much more pleasant on a 500+ mile day ride.... (Posted on 15/07/2012)
Footpeg Lowering Kit Review by Errol
Everything from the online ordering to receipt of the package in South Africa was flawless. Fitting the kit was relatively simple with easy to follow instructions, as long as you have the required tool. Once in place I felt more comfortable as the distance from the ground to the pegs was that much less, not to mention the better leg angle whilst riding. The raised position of the gear change lever, particularly when changing down, felt a little strange at first, but after half an hour I was used to it. Recommended if you travel long distances. (Posted on 17/07/2011)
A nice addition for a tall guy Review by Dan
I purchased the Vario Footpeg Lowering kit to see if I could adjust the bike to better fit me. I am 6'3" and about 275 lbs. I have a bad right ankle and also wanted to remove some of the stress from it as well. First, the kit is well made. The manufacturing process proved its precision to the bike and was finished in a manner congruent with the bike's finish. I initially installed the kit on the lowest setting to see if that would serve. The right side was fine as the brake lever is part of the right peg assembly, but the left required a very slight leg lift in order to push the shifter down. I decided that I did not much like that and re-installed the pegs to the upper setting which is, maybe, an inch lower than the lower setting native to the bike. The shifting there feels quite normal or natural to me. The installation and subsequent reinstallation took only about fifteen minutes - quite easy to install. I would recommend using a torque wrench as the pressure is less than I would likely have applied intuitively.I have been riding the bike for about 500 mile since I set it to the upper setting. My legs are a bit less bent and its comfortable. While I do not aggressively lean into the corners hard, I did scrape a peg slightly on a mountain hair pin while descending. Nothing of concern but do be aware that lowering the pegs do affect the clearance on harder corners. Overall, I am quite pleased. (Posted on 26/06/2011)

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