Sportego handlebar - silver

Sportego handlebar - silver

Part No. 31230-001
Price: €89.90
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These bars combine ergonomic perfection with maximum sports fun!

The facts: 

  • Optimal, ergonomic offset. 
  • Relieves the wrists. 
  • Distributes forces across the whole of the hand. 
  • More agile and immediate steering experience. 
  • Better weight distribution with optimised pressure on the front wheel. 
  • Rockster: An improvement that is both relaxing and sporty (higher and better offset than the original). 
  • R 1150 R: Sportier posture with better control over the front wheel (lower than the original). 
  • To the best of our knowledge this is the only ABE certified handlebar that can, like the original, accommodate grip heaters and handlebar end weights.

Only compatible with conversion to tubular handlebar and with the “ProSports” end weights or CruiseControl listed here.

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