Spring Special

Spring Special

Spring? It's not far away now!

The sunshine is getting warmer, the days are getting longer, your hand is itching to open up the throttle and we're all eagerly awaiting the moment we can get that first ride in after winter. Is your BMW and gear okay? No? In our Spring Special we've put together everything you need to get man and machine fighting fit in time for the first ride out on the bike.

In every regard — a great start to the new season for all!

For those among us who didn't get round to the cleaning in autumn...

Who hasn't been there: you simply don't manage to "clear the decks" after that last ride out in autumn because you just didn't get round to it? It still isn't too late to get the technical stuff and paint ready for the start of the year. Oils, filters and cleaning products, everything for sprucing up the paint, steel and plastic, chargers for taking care of the batteries – the Spring Special has it all!

Protection for man and machine

The warm rays of the low sun in the sky draw you in, you can already feel their power and warmth. But the roads are still wet, as are forest routes and shady valleys. Here we have recommendations for the perfect protection of man and machine so your first rides out in spring don't leave you shivering, but are a pure joy.

Our glare shield helps with the low sun, MARATHON windshields, wind deflectors, hand protections and foot protectors noticeably reduce the unpleasant cold sensation caused by the airflow in low temperatures. Rain? Simply bounces off. The warming effect of handlebar muffs and leg covers shouldn't be underestimated. For the rest, we recommend our hat and multifunctional cloth.

Our Extender Fender fender addition, our rear wheel covers or or inner mudguard protect both rider and technology. Our side stand enlarger has more than proven itself on unsurfaced rest areas. It reliably prevents the bike from sinking or falling over.

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