Stahlbus brake bleeder valve front
  • Stahlbus brake bleeder valve front

Stahlbus brake bleeder valve front

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The innovative stahlbus bleeder valve allows you to change the brake fluid yourself without assistance and in a very simple way. Clean, absolutely safe and quick! The stahlbus bleed system combines all benefits in one system:
  • Completely airtight ring seal.
  • The hydraulic system also remains airtight during the bleeding process.
  • Reliable non-return function, facilitating one-man operation.
  • Bleeding of the system in a matter of minutes.
  • Prevents wearing of the bleeder screw in the brake calliper. (Opening and closing during the bleeding process).
  • For all hydraulic systems such as brakes and clutches.
  • The stahlbus brake bleeder valve is a simple replacement for the existing bleeder hose.
  • Tested under extreme conditions by TÜV-Rheinland.

The most expensive and modern brake system is useless if air enters into the system. That’s why the stahlbus bleeding system is also successfully used in motorcycle racing and the aviation industry.

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