Stainless steel exhaust system cleaner

Stainless steel exhaust system cleaner

Part No. 24420-000
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Probably the most effective stainless steel cleaner that makes even blue and discoloured stainless steel manifolds and exhausts gleam like new. Like a miracle, the pure stainless steel appears again.
Depending on the surface, this cleaner also removes manufacturing residues.

Simple to use: spray on, allow to work for a short time, then rinse off with water. Also suitable for all other stainless steel components. The active ingredient is bio-degradable. Supplied in a 250 ml pump bottle, which is sufficient for several applications.

Customer Reviews

Optiglanz Review by Edgar Larrea
This products is amazing, Spray it on your exhaust and see the tarnish disappear right in front of your eyes. Now, if you don't speak German , (instructions are only in German) just make sure not to let the product stay on your exhaust for more than 3 minutes and use PLENTY of water (hose) to rinse it off. Also, use some kind of floor cover for the floor as it will drip and could stain your floor. I definitely recommend this product. (Posted on 17/11/2011)

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