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Multifunctional and lots of details – our Elephant tank bags

Our oldest products, which we have continuously further developed with much loved for the detail, include our Elephant tank bags. We've tested and used them ourselves over hundreds of thousands of kilometres and in all conceivable conditions, always looking for opportunities to improve. Today, thanks to the best quality our Elephants - which are completely made in Europe - are not only characterised by enormous durability, but also by the incredible number of refined details that were included in the continuous further development of these models.

The Elephant, for example, impresses with its practical quick-release fastener, which allows the tank bag to be attached and removed in seconds - even with thick gloves. To refuel, the tank bag need not be completely detached, it is folded down in one move. Thanks to the waterproof cable gland, your mobile phone will stay dry and secure while charging via the on-board network, the reversible map holder actually holds DIN A4 cards without creasing them and, thanks to the blue inner lining, the smaller things in life can be easily found again. Additionally, the Elephant with its capacity of up to 25 litres is a real space miracle but without being conspicuous. These and many other features make our Elephant tank bags so loved and unmistakable. Try them out — our luggage solutions are sure to impress you!

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Mammut, Retro and Sport – our very special tank bags

With the Mammut we fulfilled a very personal wish and revived THE classic of tank bags - with modern materials. The Retro models impress with timeless design and both of our Sport models - as the name says - primarily impress our customers who love sport.

Customer opinion: ★★★★★

I'm really impressed, not because I liked it the best in terms of looks, no, even the function, the setup and the entire concept is class. Just remove the seat, undo two screws on the tank cladding and attach the base plate. Done! The whole thing takes less than 3 minutes. Lots of little bags, clear map cover, everything's perfect, I'm impressed! To fuel up you just have to undo a clip and the whole bag can be folded up.

Satisfied customer: Marcus M.

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