TomTom 400/410 Glare Shield - black

TomTom 400/410 Glare Shield - black

Part No. 21071-002
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With this high-quality glare shield for the TomTom 400/410, the navigation display stays easily readable even when the sun is low.

The simple clip-on mounting system means the navigation retains full mobility and operability.

The facts:
  • High-quality glare screen made of ABS plastic
  • Best possible protection against direct sunlight
  • Guarantees display readability
  • Easy fitting thanks to the clip system
  • Perfect fit in form and function
  • Also available for use as upright version (21071-102)
  • Doesn't restrict navigation manoeuvrability
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Customer Reviews

top Review by gino goes
snelle en bestelling (Posted on 10/11/2017)
Positive Review by Drago 1
I Just experience the so called CENTOPASSIPASSI race , 4 days driving, 2.200 Km from South to North Italy! The sun was theremost of th etime and in several condition the Tom Tom screen was not so well visible ! nontheless the cover managed to protect most of situation, unlikely when the sun is just behing you ! Probably a longer roof will improve the reading quality; in any case happy for the purchase! (Posted on 06/06/2017)
Great cover Tom Tom 410 Review by Mark
I was disappointed with the amount of glare on my Tom Tom 410 and was going to return it. But the sun screen was recommended to me and it was a good buy. It doesn't remove all the glare but a majority of it and allows me to use the TomTom. Good price and quick delivery. (Posted on 03/04/2017)
Essential Bit Of Kit Review by Julio
Despite TomTom claiming that the screen of the 410 is glare free, it does have problems in bright sunlight. As I prefer to use my 410 in landscape mode I required a sunshade to match. Thank goodness for Wunderlich,was the only place I could find which sold this version of the sunshade. Attaching and removing the sunshade is simplicity itself and it makes a huge difference to the visibility of the 410's screen. Depending upon the position of the sun, especially a low winter sun, not all glare is always 100% removed but the difference compared to not having a sunscreen fitted is still considerable. I certainly have no hesitation in recommending it. (Posted on 11/01/2017)

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