TRW Lucas steel braided brake lines

TRW Lucas steel braided brake lines

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Direct braking force transmission, optimal pressure point and a reduced “pump” effect. These are advantages that are particularly noticeable at higher speeds or during emergency braking. They make riding more agreeable all round. Compared to rubber brake lines, steel braided brake lines have almost no expansion and the pressure is transferred directly to the brake caliper. The material hardly ages at all, which means that the investment soon pays off. The steel mesh coating protects against the weather and against damage. For vehicle components that are so vital for safety, we put our trust exclusively in TRW Lucas, the brake specialists.

The facts:

  • Teflon coated.
  • Exact pressure point.
  • Brake reacts immediately - no delay.
  • Does not become brittle or porous.
  • Oxidation-proof, anodised aluminium connections (titanium coloured).
  • Each brake line is subjected to a special final inspection governed by stringent quality control procedures.
  • Rotating connections.
  • ABE tested (no need for entry into the vehicle documents).

BMW also relies upon these advantages, which is why they fit ever more vehicles with this innovation as standard.
Sold as a complete set with seals, fitting instructions and, if required, special mountings.

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