Universial camera holder for round tubes - black

Universial camera holder for round tubes - black

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With this universal clamp and the camera holder, the GoPro camera or similar device can be quickly and easily attached to any round tube, for example a crash bar, catch boom, handlebar or even the wishbone of a surfboard, etc.

The facts:

  • Universal clamp with camera holder for GoPro cameras and all cameras with standard tripod mount
  • Simple and easy mounting on any round tube
  • Clamp area between 12 and 42 mm
  • Precise and thoroughly solid construction
  • Unshakeable hold
  • Clamp jaws coated with non-slip rubber
  • It can also be tightened in inaccessible locations with quarter turns
  • The camera holder is fixed to the clamp using the camera screw supplied
  • Then fix the GoPro to the camera holder with the second camera screw
  • Delivery with GoPro Holder
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