VentureShield paint + tank protection Tank-Set (3-part) - clear
  • VentureShield paint + tank protection Tank-Set (3-part)

VentureShield paint + tank protection Tank-Set (3-part) - clear

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An indestructible, flexible protection foil film that was originally developed for the aircraft industry to protect propellers and rotor blades (from stone impact).

Anything that offers protection at almost the speed of sound is the obvious first choice when it comes to maintaining the value of your BMW.

The facts:

  • Set consists of 3 individual sheets.
  • Hidden foil that protects against irritating scratches and wear to the paint, which can reduce the bike’s value.
  • Absorbs a large proportion of the energy, e.g. from flying stones; this makes it worth fitting the headlight protection, as contained in the full kit.
  • Completely UV-resistant.
  • UV-permeable (!), i.e. the protected areas of paint fade over time as per the unprotected areas. Unlike with uncovered paint, this remarkable material property prevents colour differences arising should you ever want to remove the film.
  • Almost invisible.
  • Contoured cut for the S 1000 R to ensure a perfect fit.
  • Extremely adhesive.
  • Easy to remove.
  • Soon pays for itself (value retention). Proven in motor racing:
  • Hardly any paint damage, etc, is noticeable, thereby saving money.
  • Motorcycle can still be steam cleaned.
  • Easy application.
  • Protects all exposed areas.

With a little skill, you can fit the ‘VentureShield’ set yourself. Included in the set are cleaning fluid, applicator and fitting instructions; in other words, everything you need to do it yourself! Available as tank set or complete set.

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