WD-40 chain wax 400 ml
  • WD-40 chain wax 400 ml

WD-40 chain wax 400 ml

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WD-40 Chain wax

The WD-40 chain wax guarantees long lasting lubrication of the motor cycle chain and is compatible with O, X, Z – rings. Due to its excellent corrosion protection properties and the PTFE additive, the sand-coloured chain wax is perfectly suitable under wet conditions and it is particularly long-lasting. Regularly used, it helps to maintain the performance and life of your chain.

The application:

  • Clean the chain with the WD-40 chain cleaner.
  • Shake container well
  • Apply the wax on the chain.
  • Before drying, distribute the wax on all parts of the chain by operating the chain.

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