Wheel rim stickers - white

Wheel rim stickers - white

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These self adhesive rim stickers provide a feature that turns heads and effectively enhances the whole motorcycle.
However, the reflective rim sticker also provides a safety benefit that should not be underestimated. At night, a motorcycle without side lights is often invisible to other road-users.
The rim sticker reflects oncoming light so that it is visible over a large area. An optical feature that serves its purpose both day and night.

Applying the tape to the bike is easy, a special patented tool is included so that the tape is applied true and straight.

Tape made of strong, detergent and UV resistant material.

Customer Reviews

Wheel stripe Review by Philippe
Not as easy as it looks to apply evenly all around. This said, minor irregularities are not visible unless you look closely and are certainly not evident when you are moving. Based on a flash photo from the side this makes the bile significantly more visible and, importantly, recognizable as a bike from a distance. (Posted on 02/11/2011)

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