Wheel rim stickers - red

Wheel rim stickers - red

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These self adhesive rim stickers provide a feature that turns heads and effectively enhances the whole motorcycle.
However, the reflective rim sticker also provides a safety benefit that should not be underestimated. At night, a motorcycle without side lights is often invisible to other road-users.
The rim sticker reflects oncoming light so that it is visible over a large area. An optical feature that serves its purpose both day and night.

Applying the tape to the bike is easy, a special patented tool is included so that the tape is applied true and straight.

Tape made of strong, detergent and UV resistant material.


Wheel Stripes - Red
By Art, posted on 23 June 2012
Once I realized that the installation tool needed to lay flat on the outer face and the side of the wheel it went like a charm. Looks great like it is factory.