Winter-Special - Hot Offensive

Riding a motorbike while feeling freezing or wet? It's not comfortable and it's not healthy.
Above all, it's not safe either!

Why is that? Together with our high-quality rider suit, M-Fleece functional underwear
and grip heating, the seat heating offers a potential that should not be underestimated to add a serious plus to passive safety of motorcycling: Because if you feel wet or cold while riding a motorcycle, you risk physical tension. Motorcycling with tension no fun, it can also be dangerous. Whereas relaxed muscles that function smoothly provide perfect conditions for safe riding and control of our motorbike.

The kind of heat that is perceived as particularly pleasant and beneficial for riding
With our AKTIVKOMFORT seats, the heating element is integrated in such a way that it ensures that the sead is heated thoroughly. This is the kind of heat that is perceived as particularly pleasant and soothing. Moreover the seats are waterproof and feature the latest ThermoPro technology.

In this way, AKTIVKOMFORT seats support the wellbeing and endurance of driver and passenger and by that  ensure the safe control of their motorbike. Last but not least this keeps us healthy.

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