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Wunderlich-Brands - Gonzzoo

Wunderlich’s new GONZZOO exhaust deflector

Does your GS hum and drone too?

The GONZZOO exhaust deflector from Wunderlich. With German type approval.

Are you also bothered by the apparent, low frequency droning and humming of your R 1250 GS / Adventure or R 1200 GS LC / Adventure, which emerges when the cases are mounted, particularly during part or full-load use at speeds between 80 and 130 km/h? This happens to be the speed range most often travelled, simultaneously the one least avoidable.

Wunderlich Auspuffdeflektor »GONZZOO«

To put it briefly: the GONZZOO eliminates the droning!

The GONZZOO deflector dissolves the root to the problem by precisely diverting the acoustic pressure from the original rear silencer. This way we eliminate the resonance space between the cases as the source of the humming and droning. Based on open field conditions, there is an evident noise reduction as the GS rides by.

Aside from this, the GONZZOO shields the case and case contents from the heat radiated by the exhaust!

The deflector shields the heat radiation of the exhaust stream so that the heating of the right case and the case contents is noticeably reduced.

Wunderlich GONZZOO

Good to know

The GONZZOO attaches to your series exhaust via simple slip-on assembly. For instance, if you ride without cases, it can be removed and stowed away quickly and with ease.

All facts about the GONZZOO


  • Our GONZZOO exhaust deflector minimises the undesirable droning of the GS at head level for the rider and passenger when riding with luggage cases
  • Less noise ensures relaxed and safe riding
  • The engine performance is not negatively affected, since the rear pressure in the exhaust system does not change compared to the stock version
  • The subjective perception when the GS rides by - regardless of the specific circumstance – results with significant noise reduction
  • Protects the cases from the heat radiated by the exhaust and reduces heating of the contents
  • Compact, effective construction
  • The GONZOO is compact, easy to disassemble, and stow away
  • Incl. installation tool
  • With German type approval

Technical info

  • Material: Stainless steel, precisely crafted


  • Wunderlich premium product
  • Small series. Hand crafted
  • Design. Functional and integrated
  • Wunderlich BLAU. Sustainable product
  • 60 days right to return
  • Made in Germany

Made by Wunderlich
60 Tage Rückgaberecht
5 Jahre Garantie
Wunderlich Auspuffdeflektor »GONZZOO«

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  1. Wunderlich »GONZZOO« exhaust deflector - stainless steel

    Part No. 20881-000

    This product fits toR 1200 GS LC (2013 - 2016), R 1200 GS LC (2017-) , R 1200 GS LC Adv. (2014-), more...
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