Wunderlich-Brands - »MARATHON« windshields

Wunderlich's all-rounders among the windshields are called: »MARATHON«

BMW riders of various model series who want effective wind and weather protection under all circumstances rely on the long-proven »MARATHON« windshields from Wunderlich.

Our »MARATHON« windshields basically follow the principle of "form follows function"

Without compromise! This is another guiding principle that can be confidently attributed to our developers. Both guiding principles have proven themselves over many years in the development of the always model-specific design of our »MARATHON« windshields and have already convinced many customers.

A »MARATHON« windshield is a tried and tested windscreen that leaves nothing to be desired in terms of ergonomics, protective function, functionality, precision, material, materiality and design. The aerodynamic silhouette, combined with solid mechanical stability, ensures a pleasant laminar, even airflow and maximum wind and weather protection.

Wunderlich »MARATHON« windshields for the BMW F 1250 GS Adventure
Wunderlich »MARATHON« windshields for the BMW F 1250 GS Adventure

The design

The silhouette, contour and shape are determined by our designer at the very beginning of the development process. Its art lies in the integrating the formal form and the recognition value to achieve a balance, without losing sight of the comprehensive protective effect. The shape and size must not only fit each respective model, but also make it appear as if they were cast from the same mould.

A »MARATHON« windshield underscores the character of your BMW without being obtrusive. And this despite the fact that it is much more generously dimensioned than the original windshields in order to fully exploit its potential.

Development and construction

The aerodynamics for the respective model are first meticulously calculated. However, it only receives its final, fine tuning in extensive road tests. Experienced test riders use sensors to collect data over tens of kilometres on the flow and vibration behaviour on the windshield and helmet, on the speed-dependent wind load and its effect on the fastening points or on the noise level (sound pressure level). These objective data are recorded with a data logger during the test ride. For the precise evaluation of the data, our data logger also records the GPS data for the speed and the test track itself, which we correlate with the physical data from the sensors. The evaluation of the objective physical quantities of the sensor signals, the speed and the distance are used towards the continuous optimisation of the windshield. So much for the theory.

In addition to the collection of data on the vehicle, empirical data is collected by our test riders in road tests. Only they with their routine are able to include and interpret boundary conditions such as route conditions, road, weather or wind conditions in the data collection.

With our developers’ many years of experience, the combination of both methods, objective and subjective data acquisition and their interpretation for optimisation has proven to be the most effective method. And we are constantly developing them further.


A further feature is the mechanical stability, which can be influenced by the thickness of the windshield and the holding elements. The mounting of the windshield indirectly influences the desired flow behaviour. The brackets and their attachment points on the windshield and the motorcycle are designed to provide optimum support for the forces and torques that occur as a function of wind load or speed and that are transferred to the bracket by the windshield. The stiff mounting minimises unwanted aerodynamic effects, such as flutter, which can also be transmitted to the motorcycle and its handling via the bracket.

With regard to the installation, we make sure that the installation is as simple as possible, taking into account the above-mentioned requirements. A principle that we at Wunderlich attach great importance to with all components.

Wunderlich »MARATHON« windshields for the BMW F 900 GS Wunderlich »MARATHON« windshield in comparison to the original windshield on a BMW F 900 XR

Typical Wunderlich high-quality workmanship

The typical Wunderlich high-quality workmanship and experience can be seen on the first glance through the Wunderlich windshield: clear transparency with no irritating visual distortions. Another trademark: The hand-polished edges of these windshields make separate edge protection redundant. Only in this way can the windshield offer an undisturbed view to the front. These product characteristics apply to both the transparent and the smoke-grey tinted windshield versions. What applies to the disc material applies to all materials used, their properties and their quality. One of our development principles is to use only high-quality materials.

In short:

our »MARATHON« windshields offer features and characteristics that stand for relaxed riding and outstanding long-distance comfort, features that optimise ergonomics and increase passive safety. Because only those who ride in a relaxed manner can ride safely. The windshield provides optimal relief from wind pressure for the head, upper body, and shoulders, as well as significantly reduced turbulence. This in combination with the convincing weather protection unleashes the full potential of a »MARATHON« over the long term, but also over short distances and in all seasons. This creates driving pleasure.

If there is a standard height adjustment, this is also retained when our windshield is mounted and can be operated in the usual way.

Wunderlich offers its proven »MARATHON« windshields, always designed specifically for each model, for almost all current and many older BMW model series. 5 years warranty are included.

If you want to convince yourself, arrange a test ride » at our corporate headquarters or at one of our » Premium Dealers.

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