Wunderlich Engine protection bars GS - black

Wunderlich Engine protection bars GS - black

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A particularly well designed engine protection bar reliably protecting the cylinders and the entire machine from damages. Considering the meanwhile over 100,000 kilometres of experience with this construction, we can rightfully claim to carry the probably technically most mature GS engine protection bar series.

Altogether six mounting points absorb all impact forces securely, causing the engine protection bar to only
absorb kinetic energy without damaging other components.

The leverage forces are distributed across all six mounting points in the case of a crash. The central mount
provides uniform distribution and functions as a pivotal point in case of a fall.

The integrated valve cover protection bar is particularly important as it has protected us already for times from
total engine damages.

Off-road capability is increased because now you can safely negotiate deep track grooves or worn-down
curves. The engine protection bars form a homogenous coherent unit together with cylinders and headers.

The facts:

  • Uniform distribution of forces.
  • Strong mounting points.
  • Additional protection for the valve covers (original protectors can be removed).
  • All maintenance work (oil change, valve adjustment etc.) is possible without removing the crash bars.
  • Elaborately bent round tubes.
  • Does not compromise ground and cornering clearance.
  • Plastic-coated steel tubing.
  • Detailed and easy to understand instructions.
  • Made in Germany.

Does not fit in combination with original BMW cylinder protection from model 2008.

Does not fit in combination with the original BMW tank guard.

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I really like these bars
By Lindsay Baker, posted on 10 April 2012
These bars fit perfectly. they look very tidy once installed. They appear to be more sturdy that the bars on my friends bikes. I hope I never have to put them to the test.
Good crash protection
By Dan M, posted on 17 December 2011
Nice solid bar. Flat black finish looks good on bike. Easy installation.
Engine Protection Bar
By Scott Satterthwaite, posted on 23 November 2011
I'm pleased with the purchase of the engine protection bars from Wonderlich. The black bars look and fit great with my 2011 GS. I was surprised how quickly they were delivered as promised.
I'm going Roo hunting
By Jim Reynolds, posted on 22 March 2011
I put these on a black 2011 GS standard. They fit perfectly and work nicely with the black bike. The instructions are in German. Hmmm... Actually it only took about 20 minutes - very easy to install. Just grab your trusty millimeter scale and cross reference all of the bolts and spacers to the drawings (what - you don't have one? obviously you didn't take drafting in College!). Pick one up at Staples - you'll be amazed how frequently you end up using it.
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