Wunderlich ERGO Screen - smoked grey

Wunderlich ERGO Screen - smoked grey

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We developed in all direction the GT screen into a GTL, so we realised an optimal and turbulence-free touring enjoyment – without the extreme sucking in-effect of GTL. That’s why the screen is suitable for both GT and GTL.

The facts:

  • Larger and higher than GT screen.
  • Bigger gap between fairing and screen, than means less sucking in- effect.
  • Turbulence-free through different break off point.
  • Higher screen, between GT and GTL screen.
  • Clear, optical pure.
  • High form stability.
  • Break-proof.
  • Scratch resistant.
  • Low own vibration.
  • Optimal view in every situation.
  • 5 mm thick Lexan plastic.
  • Clear, polished and rounded edges, no edge protection/border bulge needed.
  • ABE approved.

Height: 550 mm

In our shop there’s always a screen for testing. During a ride with your motorbike you can test the quality on your own.

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